client and commission work

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Reveur Du Jour tattoo design 

A love heart design with french text, tattoo commission for a client. (2017)

White Lies - 'A Quiet Place'

front cover concept design on the movie 'A Quiet Place'. For Little White Lies magazine publishers. (2018)

Mod culture - anthropomorphic Donkey on scooter 

A digital illustration design of a 1960's mod subculture portraying a donkey on a scooter for a client (2018)

Pig concept logo design for beer

An outlined concept logo of a pig for a beer bottle company (2019)

Bakery poster 

A4 sized poster of hand-drawn designed bakery goods for a client (2020)

K-pop commission 'Jimin' 

 A4 K-pop inspired design of BTS member Jimin for a client (2020)

"Retro gaming Dad" birthday card 

birthday card hand-drawn design for client, showcasing a father wearing a crown carrying a retro gaming system from their childhood, in hand. Known as the ZX Spectrum. (2021)

Hollywood Sign Family 

A client's family posed behind the Hollywood sign for remembrance of their mother (2021)

Cherry Blossom butterfly tattoo

Digital design of a tattoo for client, depicting cherry blossom flowers, butterflies and Korean message underneath. (2021)

K-pop commission  'Jin'

 A4 K-pop fan art design of BTS member Jin for a client (2021)

K-pop commission 'Jimin'

 A4 K-pop fan art design of BTS member Jin for a client (2022)

Event name badge design

Name badge design for a group event  (2022)

Cats canvas comission

A canvas digital painted design of cats for client  (2022)

Botanical digital design

A flower/naturistic design, made for being printed on a mug (2022)

Likes/dislikes profile design commission

A client's self profile about their likes and dislikes with a cartoonish illustration of themselves (2022)

K-pop commission 'Taehyung'

A4 K-pop fan art design of BTS member Taehyung for a client (2022)