About Me

Hello, my name is Tom Newbon,  I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA Hons) in Illustration from  the University of Gloucestershire (Grade 2:1) 

I am currently self promoting myself as an artist, professionally building my portfolio on Instagram, starting an online shop as well as taking commissions. 

In addition, I want to expand my experience and further develop my style with my intention to gain illustration work with a company or working with other visual artists and work as part of a team.  

Through my illustration career I believe I have developed skills that have helped me push my boundaries to where I am now, this includes time management, Heavily promoting on social platforms and having some basic business techniques.

I am keen to share my work and build on my style in the hope that others will enjoy what I do, follow me and share with others. 

My style

My design work has been heavily inspired by the retro pop culture, and also incorporating the use of vintage patterns, most notably Memphis design which was also influential and widely used the 1980s and 1990s, 

I use a wide variety of skills and mediums to create my art work including  using 2D hand-drawn(pen/pencil), digital design(Photoshop/Pro-create). One other method of my design work, that I have grown to enjoy, is experimenting with 'tie-dye' most common when I'm selling apparel and often combine it with my retro art for t-shirt designs.

my own Memphis design

My inspirations 

Seeing how my work is a mix of 2D traditional, exaggerated textile patterns and cartoonish drawings, my  influences really took shape from the music I played, what movies/TV I watched and the  video games I enjoy playing during my childhood. The love of pop culture and having this within my art style, is heavily inspired by the artists:- 

Matt Groening, Quentin Blake, Young Earl Grey, Korky Paul, Aly Jones, BecksBeck and Sinead Yau.